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How to Select Right Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors of your Home

Although sliding doors are exterior with large glass panels, they need to be covered with some kind of draping or blinds to shield from sunlight and provide much needed privacy. For homes, drapes are the obvious choice for sliding doors while commercial establishments prefer blinds.

Why Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors are Important

The boundary between the interior and the exterior of the house is virtually removed by using sliding doors that use least amount of space. This gives the room a superficial openness by making it look more spacious and bigger than it actually is. Sliding doors provide large gateways for natural light and air besides adding to the pleasure of gorgeous viewing of the outdoor from the deck or patio. Drapes For Sliding Glass Doors will help in conserving heat and light energy that can result in reduction of the energy consumed in air conditioning of the house.

Drapes For Sliding Glass DoorsHow to Select Right Ones

•    Consider light and privacy
•    Matching décor
•    Consider right fabric

Try to strike a balance between the amount of light that one would like to permit into the room and the degree of privacy that is sought. This can be achieved by using a combination of drapes or dual set of curtains. A set of sheer curtains will go well together with a set of thick curtains. While the sheer curtains would allow ample light during the morning hours of the day, the thick curtains could be put into use whenever you seek privacy.

The curtains should match with the overall décor of the room. For rooms with traditional décor, curtains floral prints or paisleys could be considered. Even curtains with valances could look quite elegant due to the decorative framework. If the rooms have a modern look and décor, then contrasting bright colors or prints of abstract nature or geometrical shapes can be thought of for the curtains. The technique of draping the curtains is no less important in adding aesthetical value.

Vertical blinds made from fabric can also be an option for sliding glass doors. The use fabric blinds would remove the commercial nuance from the blinds, making it compatible for domestic use. To add variety, sheer curtains could be added with the blinds to give dual benefit of privacy and transparency. The use of double fabric will allow more colors to be used that could enhance the looks of the room.

If you want to create great looks for your interiors, the ideas of draping sliding glass doors given in this article could be put into use according to your needs.

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